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so fantage is closing on june 30, 2018

i havent been on for a long time i know

but know ive met so many of you guys because of it and i will always treasure that and i just feel like this is something that the whole original wp community can relate to

is anyone still on? i kind of want to do a fantage meeting on saturday, june 2 at 6:00 pm fst (or est) at the star cafe on the opal orangutan server (and maybe even on the day before it closes?)

so if any of you want to comment down below it would be pretty cool to see all of you again and tell others if you still have contact with them reblog whatever you can do i guess

i hope a lot of you can make it !


so I haven’t been on for like 4 days but whatever I guess

if you haven’t noticed I am extremely bored

so i’ll be going now cause I honestly have no idea what to talk about so bye hooooneybooooboooos<333

okay so i made a sandcastle

we went to the beach today or something the park idk

and I didn’t want to talk so I went to the sand and made a sandcastle

it even had a river around it ik awesome right I worked hard on it

and then I destroyed it in the end by stomping on it and splashing the sand in the water cause why not


anyways new kiosk 3C-6

oh man I think I have a cut

anyways bye hooooneybooooboooos<333